Would you like to admire the beauty of the outdoors without having to deal with the annoying bugs, unpredictable weather, and harmful UV rays? Sunrooms from Homestead Remodeling allow you to enjoy the scenery of the outdoors from the comfort of your home.


Homestead Remodeling’s sunrooms can be completely customized, giving you the exact design you want. You can choose from any of the following styles:

  • Studio
  • Cathedral
  • California
  • Solarium
  • Conservatory

Once you select which style you desire, you’ll then pair it with one of three wall systems, each presenting ample outdoor views: prime window, ultimate screen room, or window wall. Regardless of how you choose to personalize your sunroom, it will include all of these great features:

  • A polystyrene roof that provides maximum thermal protection
  • High-performance glass that has a Sun Protection Factor of either 59 or 85
  • TEMKOR cladding that resists scratching, chalking, fading, and denting

Homestead Remodeling always ensures that our sunrooms are properly installed, thanks to our experienced and factory-trained technicians. We’re not a quick one-day company who rushes through jobs; our installers take their time to ensure quality workmanship and to guarantee you are satisfied with the result.

For more information about the sunrooms we install, contact Homestead Remodeling today. We offer home improvement services to homeowners across St. Paul and other Twin Cities communities in Minnesota.