July 5, 2022

What’s Cooking in 2022 Kitchen Trends

2021 brought a lot of changes, but what changed in the world of kitchens? 

The pandemic forced us to get familiar with our kitchens and cooking- or eating takeout- at home. A result of this, people began to realize their kitchens were cramped and could use an upgrade. 

In 2020, remodels were centered creating more space with open layouts and more efficient storage; we saw upgraded walk-in pantries, more cabinet space, and larger islands. We saw people transforming their kitchen countertops, backsplash, sinks, faucets, light fixtures, and flooring; we also saw a shift from hardwood floors to ceramic or porcelain tile and white subway tile for a backsplash. Blue, grey, and white were the color schemes of choice for 2020 kitchens. 

In 2021, remodels were centered around hands-free and smart appliances- the less surfaces to touch and clean regularly the better! 2021 also saw a lot of mixed and matched metals-brass and copper in particular- quartzite countertops, and three-tone color pallets. 2021 also seemed to ditch the consistent white and grey tile for color, texture, and even wallpaper. Another trend from 2021 was resourcefulness- we learned how to work with what we had at home and had a lot of fun with DIY countertops, backsplashes, and wallpaper. Kitchens got more colorful and unique to the homeowner in 2021 and design experts don’t see any signs of that stopping in 2022.  

Here is What Design Experts Predict for 2022 Kitchens: 

  1. Colorful Cabinets with warm toned woods, greens, navy blue, and pops of color- make the space your own and stray away from the all white and neutral themes of the past

  1. DIY wall decor and personal touches- work with what you have, people want to see a family art project hung up or a gallery wall of family photos!
  2. Black accents and appliances- black appliances and accents, like trim or window frames, are a great way to tie your kitchen in with the rest of your house, and they’ll always match everything
  1. Multiple and double islands- more time spent cooking and working from home means more counter space needed to enjoy those homemade meals 
  2. Patterned flooring- mix light and dark toned wood for a fun new look or take it a step further and go with a patterned tile for even more design opportunities 
  3. Lower cabinetry- less practical but better looking, getting rid of the upper cabinets gives the illusion of a cleaner space with less visual clutter

  1. Kitchens that don’t look like kitchens- add furniture style pieces to make your kitchen so multifunctional you don’t even know what room of the house you’re in

  1. Linear lighting- unify your kitchen and give yourself consistent lighting across all countertops and islands
  1. Banquettes- give your kitchen a homier look and yourself a comfier spot to sit that comes with hidden storage possibilities!

  1. Hidden Storage- hide your appliances, cords, and any other necessary kitchen clutter for a cleaner, more peaceful feeling place

But What About Renters? 

Renters deserve to love the space they live in just as much as homeowners; but, remodeling or renovating a rented space is usually out of the question, especially if you want your security deposit back! Luckily, there are ways that renters can participate in this year’s kitchen trends without breaking any rules of their lease. Removable and peel-and-stick products are a renters best friend- they give you the option to change up the space and add a personal design touch without breaking the bank or adding any holes in the wall.

If you’re renting in 2022 try some of these renter-friendly ideas to upgrade your kitchen: peel and stick floor tile and backsplashes, get a rolling tiered cart to replace a kitchen island, try removable cabinet liners or paper, removable wall decals and wallpaper, and furniture that doubles as storage. 

With trends everchanging, remember it’s okay if you can’t mentally or financially keep up! The important thing is that you love the space you’re in, not that your house looks like the latest Pinterest boards. The best part of the start of a new year is the clean slate and endless possibilities! Take this year to transform your home- and let Homestead Remodeling help! Schedule a free consultation today, call 651-493-3012 or email us at office@homestead-llc.com