July 5, 2022

Setting Up Your Home Office

Home Office Setup Ideas That Will Up Your WFH Game

During most of 2020, if you worked an office job, odds are you were allowed to work from home during the pandemic.  According to a couple of studies, people performed better working from home, so much so, that most small business and corporate jobs are allowing remote work to continue. We know that some of us still get distracted while working from home because let’s face it: the TV is right there! Here are some tips to set up the perfect home office for maximum productivity and comfort.

Create a checklist

Before you start setting up your office space, it’ll be helpful to create a list of what you need. Start with the essentials such as a computer, desk, chair, phone, etc. Put down anything that is necessary to complete your work. Once you have the essentials figured out, you can include things you want. This could include lighting, décor, storage, or anything else that will help increase your productivity and comfort. After this, you can add the extra things that you would like to include. Prioritizing what you put on your checklist will help you keep track of your budget and space.

Choose the location

Your checklist will help you determine how much space you will need for your office so that you can pick the ideal spot in your home. Find a private space that has minimal distractions so that you can stay productive and focused. You can choose to use a guest bedroom, den, or simply put a desk in your bedroom or living room. If you don’t have an ideal office space, you could even have a new room added to your home designed to fit your needs.

Make it comfortable

Ideally, your office space should be comfortable if you’re going to be working for several hours a day. Choosing an ergonomic chair will help avoid discomfort while you’re working and allow you to stay productive. It’s a good idea to pick a desk that is a comfortable height and gives you plenty of space to work with. When you add your computer to your desk, make sure the top of your monitor is at or slightly below eye level to avoid straining your neck. Add anything else to your office space that will help you stay comfortable throughout the day.


Home Office - Friant

Good lighting is essential in your home office. Natural light is great to brighten your space and increase your productivity. You can also add a desk or floor lamp to adjust the lighting to your liking. It is important to consider where your light is coming from so that you can avoid straining your eyes. Adjust your lighting and desk space so that there is no glare on your computer monitor. This will allow you to stay focused and avoid headaches and eye strains.

Here’s a pro tip: if you have an unused basement, give us a call and we can remodel it to be the perfect office space for you! How? Give us a call at 651-493-3012 or email us at office@homestead-llc.com