July 5, 2022

Places To Be and People To See: March 2022 in Minneapolis

As the ground thaws in the spring, so does my will to go outside and socialize that’s been tucked away under a cozy blanket all winter. If you also feel your mood improve with the rising temperatures, the Minneapolis area is a great place to be if you want your pick of indoor and outdoor events the whole family can enjoy. In this blog, I’ll be talking about my top 5 personal picks for Minneapolis events scheduled in March 2022 and why I’m recommending them- if none of my picks are your taste, I would highly recommend checking out the Minneapolis Event Calendar to see even more of what Minneapolis has to offer this spring. 

Abbi’s Top 5 Picks for March Minneapolis Events

1. Celebrate Women: Girls run the world! If you didn’t know, March is Women’s History Month so take this month to appreciate the women in your life and learn about the great things women have achieved. Celebrate women in science at the Bakken Museum on March 26th with an interactive look at science, technology, engineering, math, and art topics. Explore women in art even further on opening night at Women’s Works Art Show at Aloft Minneapolis on March 11th for a look at some beautiful, creative masterpieces. Some other ways to celebrate Women’s History Month from home are by watching movies and TV shows directed by and starring women, embracing gender equality in the home and with household responsibilities, or maybe making a meal that’s been passed down by the women in your family. Whatever you do, take this month to make the women in your life feel a little extra appreciated, little acts of kindness go a long way! 

2. St. Patrick’s Day (Ages 21+ Recommended): I love an excuse to celebrate and St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect time to do so. And this year, there’s no shortage of bar crawls, green beer, and live music; there’s the Lucky’s St. Patrick’s Day bar crawl, Sociable Cider Werks will have a new, green cider with live music and a meat raffle, Finnegans will have Irish dancers with music and food, the Up-Down will be hosting a scavenger hunt, and more. If you have to work Friday the 18th, don’t fret! Lots of these specials and events are running from the 17th-19th. 

For those under 21, there are tons of parades all around the city to enjoy; any of the parades is a great opportunity to learn more about Irish culture and history, soak up some sunlight, and get some candy! 

3. Aquarium Expo: Finding Nemo did a number on me as a kid and I bet it did for you as well- and I’m not even talking about the beginning scene with Nemo’s mother; I’m talking about how when you see a fish tank at the mall and have to fight the urge to point out all the “Nemo,” “Dory,” and “Gill” fish you see. If you’ve exhausted Sea Life at the Mall of America, switch it up and check out the Minnesota Aquarium Society’s aquarium show on March 19th at Augsburg University. This event is free and fun for the whole family! They’ll have over 100 tanks of colorful fish, unique shrimp, and exotic aquatic plants- there will also be educational lectures on all things aquarium. Don’t miss out on seeing Nemo in action!

3.14 Pi Day! If you don’t know, Pi Day takes place on March 14th when the date is 3.14 to celebrate the never-ending decimal used to help measure circles. For me, it’s another reason to eat pie. The best way to celebrate Pi Day is to visit Muddy Paws Cheesecake 12PM-8PM for a slice of cheesecake for $3.14! Pi Day is a Monday this year and the event is free, treat yourself! They have 24 cheesecake flavors to choose from and there’ll be live music and Bad Rooster Food Truck! Pie on pi day is an easy way to make math a little more fun. Another way to celebrate is to visit the Bell Museum from 10am-4pm March 11th through the 13th and help them break their pi-day paper chain record. Gallery admission to the museum is $12 for adults and $9 for children and gives you access to the Pi Day event with the rest of the museum. For a few extra dollars, you can get admission to the museum planetarium as well.

4. Disney Princess: The Concert: Get out your crown and magic wand, this event is one night only, March 17th at 7PM! This show features Broadway and Disney stars, animation, story-telling, and all your favorite Disney princess songs. Here’s a chance for a princess experience without taking a trip to Disneyland, you can hear popular songs from all the Disney princesses and real-life stories about what it’s like to play such iconic characters. As a kid, my favorite princess was Belle from Beauty and the Beast; I still love Belle, but I have to say as an adult, Anna and Elsa have won my heart. If you have a young Disney princess fan in your life, this is the perfect opportunity for an unforgettable night- costumes are encouraged, dress up like your favorite princess and hit the town!

5. Harlem Globetrotters: The Harlem Globetrotters are a group I’ve seen on TV a million times but have never had a chance to see in person; I’m not a huge fan of basketball, but I’ve always wanted to see the Harlem Globetrotters in action. The group has been around and entertaining an audience for over 90 years with fan interaction, crazy ball-handling and athletics, and comedy. Prepare to be entertained, they’ll be stopping at the Target Center on March 20th for a show featuring all kinds of on-the-court silliness, dunks, trick shots, and more. Luckily, you don’t have to enjoy basketball to enjoy this show. If you want to get even sillier with the event, take a page from the show “How I Met Your Mother,” and cheer for the Washington Generals instead of the Harlem Globetrotters. 

If none of the above events sounds interesting to you, there’s a variety of events for all ages to choose from that can be found on the Minneapolis Event Calendar. I’d recommend checking the event calendar every now and then, and the event website itself, in case of event postponements and cancellations. If you still don’t see anything that sounds interesting, maybe take this month to try something new, you might surprise yourself and find a new hobby or interest! Hang in there, sunny and 75 will be here before we know it!