July 5, 2022

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Home Decor

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Home Decor

Adding a Vintage Flair to Your Home

Spring cleaning is here, but don’t throw out any old records, picture frames, t-shirts, or dusty furniture sitting in your garage just yet- it might be the perfect home decor! Vintage treasures are hiding everywhere and are one of this year’s top interior design trends. Vintage decor is one trend I can get behind because it won’t be out of style in the next 6 months. As the name implies, vintage pieces stand the test of time and never goes out of style.

When I hear the term ‘vintage,’ I picture classic cars, denim jackets, and band tees. When my sister hears the term ‘vintage,’ she pictures my closet. When something becomes vintage is somewhat up to interpretation, but if we’re being technical Merriam-Webster defines vintage as something, “of old, recognized, and enduring interest, importance, or quality: classic.” 

But why shop vintage? What’s the appeal? There’s nothing worse than thinking you got a great deal on a piece of furniture only to find out it was definitely on sale for a reason, the reason being it’s a dysfunctional piece of garbage. Most consumers don’t have thousands of extra dollars to spend and it becomes important to buy products you know are going to be worth the money. Vintage pieces tend to be hand-made, unique, better quality products that are built to last, while a lot of products and furniture made today are made of cheaper materials that are built to break and make you buy a new one. 

Where to Find Vintage Pieces If you hear vintage and see dollar signs, you’re not alone; but, finding vintage pieces and styles doesn’t have to cost a fortune. A quick google search of “vintage furniture” will scare you off by showing you $1,500 end tables and $3,000 dressers, but don’t let that intimidate you! Finding vintage pieces to incorporate into your home can be affordable and fun.

Estate Sales, Flea Markets, Garage Sales, and Etsy are a few of the best places to hunt for vintage pieces no matter your budget. Facebook marketplace, local thrift stores, and Nextdoor are also great places to look for hidden treasures in your neighborhood. 

It’s easy to see a pretty piece of furniture or art and think, “Take my card, I need this.” What’s hard is figuring out how to practically style that piece in the home. I have a habit of styling things in my apartment by saying, “this can just go on some shelf somewhere,” as I’m shopping. I need some help dialing in my interior design style, so, let’s explore some ways to style vintage pieces in each room of a home together.

The Bathroom When I hear “vintage bathroom,” I picture one thing: a clawfoot tub. Adding a vintage mirror or vanity are also a great way to add some character. If you’re on more of a budget, Etsy has tons of vintage handles, knobs, decor, and accessories that are perfect finishing touches. Adding wallpaper or some color to the walls is also a great way to add a more unique and vintage feel to a bathroom. 

Kitchen and Dining Area When I picture a vintage kitchen, I picture a theme, lots of color, and lots of decor. For example, my grandma’s kitchen theme is apples with lots of red and apple decor. If you don’t want to commit to an in-your-face theme, I understand; in that case, try vintage dining room furniture or appliances (smeg fridges are making a huge comeback right now). Pro tip, invest in some open shelving in the kitchen and dining area for a great way to display antique or vintage dishware. The walls or cabinets are also a great place to add color for a vintage and personal feel.

Bedrooms Styling a bedroom is a fairly intimate and personal experience. That being said, I’d suggest finding vintage frames and using them to display photos in the bedroom- I’m a big fan of gallery walls for intertwining personal photos and other art pieces. Adding a vintage bedside table, dresser, or vanity would make a great focal piece in the bedroom as well. To spice up your vanity, check out Etsy for vintage bedroom trinkets to display. If you have the space, an area rug or chandelier would be an elegant and eye-catching touch. 

Living Room and Lounge Areas I vote we bring back conversation pits in the home!! At the very least, the pandemic has reminded us how nice and important it is to spend some time sitting on the couch relaxing with loved ones. To give your living room a vintage vibe, think big, colorful area rugs, velvet couches, reading nooks, and art everywhere. For a cost effective alternative to a new velvet couch, try colorful couch slipcovers as a way to add a vintage feel without breaking the bank. 

As I always like to say, trends come and go so always decorate and style your home to your preferences, regardless of the current trend! That being said, incorporating vintage pieces into your home is a great way to apply your personal style while following a trend. Make a day of finding vintage pieces for the home; grab a coffee and a friend or your kids and hit a flea market or plan a route of garage sales to stop at- the treasure hunt is the best part!