July 5, 2022

Keep your Packages Safe During the Holiday Season

Porch pirates' who steal your packages: Here's how police say they operate  – Orange County Register

The holiday season is coming up, and now is the time to start shopping. This is your sign to not delay the shopping this year…. Again… That’s right Aunt Karen I still remember the towels you gave me THAT YOU CLEARLY PICKED UP AT A HOTEL. Jokes aside, we know the main concerns of ordering online is the fear that the package will get lost or stolen off your property. Fear not, here’s some quick tips on how to keep your packages safe during the holidays.


I need to get this off my chest first: NEVER GET SHIPMENTS FROM FEDEX. I know from personal experience, FedEx hasn’t been a great shipment provider, especially with COVID. Most of my packages take additional weeks, and when I called the facility, they could never find the package, and would often claim it as lost. With the holiday season coming up, unless we are able to see changes implemented to the drop off site, we are unable to recommend them for timely shipments or even ensure that your package won’t get lost.


Now onto business.


When You’re Ordering:


When you’re placing an order, you can plan out how the shipment will work out before it even hits your door. Depending where you’re ordering from, these services usually included and can definitely provide added security to your package. We usually recommend implementing these to any of your orders whenever possible, but for that $5 dollar keychain that will probably end up in the mailbox, you don’t really have to worry too much about it getting stolen or adding protection. Here are things we recommend:


Require a Signature:


Most carriers allow for you to request a signature before they drop off a package to you. This is great as it ensures if you’re not home, you’re able to prevent the delivery to just be dropped off on your doorstep and taken during your 9-5 shift. However, the downside to this is that you or a family member must be present at the home to receive the package, and after 3 attempts, the package is usually mailed back.


Send your Package to Work

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If you’re working the same time the shipment carriers are dropping off packages, it might be a great idea to have them deliver to your place of work. If you work for a small business, you’ll receive your packages no problem, however if you are working for a larger corporation, you are more than likely to experience delays due to getting cataloged, and assigned to an internal person to deliver.


If You Trust Your Neighbor, Use Them!


Ask your neighbor for permission, to see if they’ll be home to get a package delivered from you. This allows for you to not have to go through possible delays though dropping off at work and doesn’t require you to be present at home to pick up the package. Just place a reminder so your neighbor is aware it’s coming it, otherwise, it’s just another porch it’s sitting on.


What to do if your Package is Stolen


If you followed some of the steps, or just chose to ignore them, and your package still got stolen… I have news for you!


After confirming with all your friends and family that they do not have the package, feel free to contact the seller. Most companies have policies in place that replace stolen items or offer solutions to your issues.


If the seller is no help, feel free to file a complaint with the shipping company. This can result into your package getting reimbursed.


If you used a credit card to purchase the item, most credit companies have proper coverage for such issues that can result in you getting your credit back. It’s important to note that each credit company varies, and you should check with them first!


It’s peak missing package season, and it’s important to take the proper steps to ensure your package does not go missing. Finding a gift fora loved one is already hard enough, now imagine getting that gift stolen right off your fingertips.