August 24, 2022

How To Make a Small Bathroom Look Larger

If you live in the cities, whether it’s Minneapolis, Saint Paul, or any of the neighboring cities, you know that bathrooms are annoyingly small, so much so you got barely any leg room between the toilet and the adjacent wall. If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom, but you can’t expand the square footage, we got some helpful tips to make the bathroom feel bigger than it is.

Tip #1: Have A Simple Design

To make a space feel bigger, you have to make sure you have a simple design. The busier the appearance of a bathroom is, the smaller it feels. Keep the patterns at a minimum, color choices neutral, and do not over-accessorize your bathroom. Contrary to popular belief, having a large mirror does not make a bathroom feel bigger. By placing a large mirror, you’re adding to the business by reflecting your bathroom surroundings. Check out the bathroom below to see an example!

Tip #2: Continuous Flooring

Alongside having a simple bathroom design, having floating furniture allows for continuous flooring so your eyes are drawing underneath the vanity. It’s a simple trick, but being able to see the flooring underneath gives the illusion of the bathroom being spacious. Also, try to avoid having large cabinets or any protruding wall-mounted accessories like medicine cabinets as these can go against creating an open environment. As an added plus, the open space will give you a more calming environment.

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