July 5, 2022

How Can Snow Damage your Home?

How Snow Can Damage Your Roof

With Minnesota’s harsh winters, it is very important to understand how snow can damage your roof. Keep your home cozy and avoid these damages by getting your roof repaired before winter. Here are 4 ways snow can cause damage to your roof.

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Too much snow on your roof can cause your roof to crack, leak, sag, or even collapse. This is a very serious issue, especially in the harsh Minnesota winters. You don’t want to take any chances and delay repairing your roof.

Ice Dams

Ice dams are caused from warm air in your home that rises and heats the shingles on your roof.  A nice dam is a buildup of snow melt that freezes to your roof and under the shingles. As the ice melts it finds its way into any cracks, and as the snow melt freezes again, those cracks expand. This cycle will eventually cause ceiling leaks. This can be prevented with proper attic insulation and making sure your roof is ready for the winter.


Icicles may look pretty, but they can cause damage to your home. Similar to ice dams, icicles are caused from snow that melts from heating that escaped the roof. They can cause damage to shingles and gutters. They are also unsafe for people and pets as they may fall from the roof and cause injuries.

Attic Condensation

The damage from ice dams and icicles can cause condensation to build up in your attic ceiling. This will cause further issues in your home, like wood-rot and mold, which you do not want to deal with. Ensure that your attic is properly ventilated and that any cracks in the ceiling and floor are repaired.