July 5, 2022

Get an Outdoor Kitchen Today! Here's why:

Is an outdoor kitchen necessary? No, not even the slightest. After using one however, can I live without one? Nope, where has this been my whole life???

Summer is coming up, and I know I’m ready to have a couple of parties at my place. However, if I end up cooking, I’ll be missing half the party while they enjoy the great outdoors. Hear me out now; move the kitchen outside, and all of the sudden the party is 100 times better.

There are other reasons why!

Okay, I promise it’s not just for my craving to be the center of attention, it's convenient as well! I know the kitchen inside is not far from the patio, like a 20 second walk at most, but now imagine carrying all the stuff out. Not only is it more time added to set up, but now you have to worry about keeping cold food cold, and warm food warm. Let’s not forget all the utensils as well! 

Now from a financial standpoint, it’s an investment don’t get me wrong. However, if you decide to sell your home in the future, all potencial homebuyers are going to gasp in awe, increasing the demand for your home as well as increasing your home value.

Where Do I Start?

Great question! Let’s go ahead and get you set up with our 4 recommendations to getting this prepared.

1. Establish your budget and determine your needs. As much as I recommend going all out with a sunroom, it’s important to figure out your usecase. Do you have a large patio? Do you want it attached to your home or standalone? The more specific your plan is, the more realistic and attainable your dream is.

2. This outdoor kitchen isn’t only for you to see, it’s important to make sure it lands where it’s pleasing to the eye. Your guest are going to see it, and odds are so will your neighbors. Let’s aim for a place where the it’ll shine from all angles!

3. Part of our second recommendation is to go ahead and make sure it’s sufficiently close to your outlets to get power for all your appliances.  Not only that, but think about the shade for when the sun hits at all angles! This isn’t too important if you get a moterized pergola from us built by TEMO.

Here’s some quick inspirations!


The professionals at Homestead Remodeling will be happy to work with you to customize your perfect outdoor kitchen. It all starts with your outdoor living structure! Don’t hesitate to reach out, our number is 651.493.3012 and my email is office@homestead-llc.com. You’ll wonder how you ever did without it!