July 5, 2022

Can't Decide Between Traditional and Modern? Go for Transitional!

Transitional Kitchen Design: How to Get the Best of Both Worlds

Are you planning your new renovation but can’t decide on the style you want? Let’s get some quick vocab out of the way, shall we?

Traditional style is a design and architectural style based on the classic styles of old Europe.  It uses such elements as crown molding, wainscot, chair rail, coffered ceilings, as well as natural materials such as wood.  

Modern style is all about minimalism, clean-sleek lines, tapered legs, and crisp angles to create an open, airy feel.  It leans on using man-made materials such as glass, metal, and concrete. 

If you can make a decision from the two that were just described great! You don’t have to keep reading, however, if you can’t decide, let me introduce you to Transitional Style.

Transitional style gives you the freedom to pick your favorite elements from both traditional and modern resulting in a harmonious fusion that is comfortable, classic, and modern. If done properly, you aren’t sacrificing aesthetics, instead, you are creating a whole new one that blends with the rest of your home.

Here’s a list of some elements you can consider when creating your transitional style:

1. Choose a neutral color scheme of grey, sand, or white that follows the traditional style. It’s optional, but I highly recommend adding some bold accents to add some contrast across the design. Already seeing the blend?

25+ Absolutely Gorgeous Transitional Style Kitchen Ideas

2. What’s really coming up right now is metallic decorations. We don’t mean just your metallic finished fridge and oven, throw some gold or bronze over to the faucet or in the lighting.

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3. Texture is part of the traditional style. Add some carpet to separate the rooms for that added contrast, but make sure the color is a neutral complementary color to the carpet.

75 Beautiful Transitional Living Room Pictures & Ideas - November, 2021 |  Houzz

4. Lastly, add some artwork across your home. That creates the split between modern and traditional. I don’t mean going to your local TJMax and picking up artwork there, go shop with your local artists to create a unique and modern vibe to your home while having traditional accents across the room.

Your Guide to Transitional Style

Get creative! You have nothing to lose here. If you aren’t sure what you want to get done, don’t worry; our consultants have your back! Schedule a free consultation today, call 651-493-3012 or email office@homestead-llc.com